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Are we wasting our hard-won freedoms?

June 28, 2013 As we head into the July 4 holiday season, it is difficult to comprehend how at odds and out of whack our country has becom. more »»

“Green” isn't something new

June 21, 2013 Many of us get blasted with emails, Facebook messages and the like and more often than not, those things are annoying. more »»

Adventure packed weekend ahead

June 14, 2013 With weather forecasters indicating a beautiful weekend, we encourage you to make plans now to travel out to at least two events taking place this weekend. more »»

PSC making the right move

June 7, 2013 We are extremely glad to see that the Public Service Commission for stepping up to investigate the practices of Potomac Ediso. more »»

Nothing is more important than family

May 31, 2013 Coming from a large family (6 boys and 7 girls), I know that it is often the norm to have battles going with one sibling or another and to not see or talk to each other as often as we should. more »»

Are you ready for some baseball?

May 24, 2013 For those out there who are not aware, Jefferson County now serves as the home for the Charles Town Cannons, a team in the Valley Baseball League. more »»

Two little words make all the difference

May 17, 2013 Each and every day we are all in situations where two words can make the difference in our day or the day of someone else. more »»

A day to honor all mothers

May 10, 2013 The idea of a celebration of motherhood has roots more years back than one can imagine; however, for purposes of recognitions in the United States, one goes back to 1870 with Julia Ward Howe. more »»

One step at a time

April 26, 2013 One dance step at a time, that is. more »»

A moment to commend, welcome and bid farewell

April 19, 2013 Each week we offer to our readers a guest columnist who brings insight and entertainment to our readers. more »»

Don't give up the freedom to enter

April 12, 2013 I traveled to Charleston to participate in Jefferson County Day at the state capital on Monday. An worthwhile trip as usual, it is always exciting to enter the capital building in all its grandeu. more »»

Board of Ed lets down the public

April 5, 2013 At a recent special meeting of the Board of Education, an agenda item called for a vote on the replacement of a board member. more »»

Take advantage of time given

March 28, 2013 I was set to write an editorial this morning about the importance of learning new things. more »»

The challenge of surviving teenagers

March 22, 2013 I often wonder if survival is possible living in a household with two teenage girls (well, one is almost a teen). more »»

Watch those electric bills

March 15, 2013 As I am sure many of you have done, I have changed to paperless billing for as many accounts as possible. It keeps all my bills in one location (my email) and prevents the waste of a lot of paper. more »»

Is the book better than the movie?

March 11, 2013 I make every attempt to read a book before I see its counterpart on the big (or even small) screen. more »»

When God created police officers

March 4, 2013 Editor's Note: I received this from a dear friend who is a police officer and have chosen to share it with you this week. Kudos to all officers and what they bring to the job. more »»

What would they say if I was gone?

February 22, 2013 What would they say about me if I was no longer here? That is a question that has been stated in conversations I have had this week regarding the passing of Coach Bill Osbourn. more »»

The state of our nation concerns us all

February 15, 2013 As I watched the State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening, there were a few points made by President Obama that gave me cause for concern. more »»

Help the nation know about our 'Cool' town

February 8, 2013 Frequent visitors to the internet, either via Facebook or other venues, have undoubtedly seen the call for people to vote in the BudgetTravel. more »»



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