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Remember. . .It’s Television

June 10, 2016 The hype is all around as Shepherdstown prepares for the upcoming “Ghost of Shepherdstown” that will air this Sunday evening. All I have to say is “Remember. . . more »»

Know and abide by laws of the road

June 3, 2016 Sometimes I think that we need to give adult and “experienced” drivers a refresher course. more »»

Let us be mindful of the day

May 27, 2016 As we look ahead with anticipation to a three-day weekend, let us all remember that Memorial Day is not just a day for us to sleep in, cook out or go to take advantage of some sale or other. more »»

Priorities for children are way off

May 23, 2016 With every turn of the TV or radio dial, all that comes from the news media is the story on bathroom usage. more »»

A shout out to the graduates

May 13, 2016 This week I take this space to give a shout of congratulations to all of those graduating this month! That includes our neighbors here at Shepherd University who bestowed diplomas last weekend; to... more »»

Be prepared to vote May 10

May 9, 2016 This coming Tuesday is the Primary Election in West virginia. Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. more »»

Where is the ‘guidance’ given?

April 29, 2016 It is once again the time of year that I realize how inefficient our so-called school “guidance” offices are. more »»

Why the need to start school so early?

April 22, 2016 I have heard many parents, not to mention students, express their dislike and concerns over the proposed school calendar for 2016-17 that has been posed by the Jefferson County Board of Education. more »»

Heroin: The dangers affect us all

April 15, 2016 I?must admit that I had become immune to the words of the stories written and told about the dangers of heroin use and the many overdoses and deaths of young people in our community. more »»

Signs of spring...and elections

April 3, 2016 Just as the spring has brought any number of flowering trees and plants, so has election season brought us every size, shape and color of campaign sign imaginable. more »»

Treasure the one who influenced you most

March 25, 2016 Is there a person in your life who stands out as a role model? One to whom you can attribute influences in your life? If so, treasure that person. more »»

We need to stop pushing drugs

March 11, 2016 Reading all of the headlines and seeing all of news broadcasts regarding the drug epidemics here and around our nation, I can’t help but believe that much of the blame for dependence on these drugs... more »»

We need to end the madness

March 4, 2016 We watched the funeral of a young police officer this week -- one whose first day on the job turned into tragedy as she gave her life in the line of duty. more »»

Agencies should know flag policy

February 26, 2016 As the time has passed for the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia, I must again voice an opinion of how the entire situation was handled both on state and local level. more »»

American people need to know cause of death

February 19, 2016 The devastating news that a U.S. Supreme Court Justice has died is enough to bring grief to the nation. more »»

We need to be a more questioning society

February 5, 2016 Perhaps it is the job I hold; perhaps it was due to my parents instilling me with an inquisitive nature—who know? But for whatever the reason, I question things. more »»

Did anyone really believe it wasn't going to snow?

February 1, 2016 The weather forecasters blasted us all with constant updates on the huge amounts of snow that were to be dumped on our area by Storm Jonas. more »»

Where to draw the line on cold-weather delays

January 22, 2016 As we are finally getting some cold weather, well—frigid weather—the yearly discussion on whether to call a school delay for cold once again comes up. more »»

Don't let another year go by without...

January 8, 2016 There are so many endings to the sentence that run through my mind and I'm sure through yours. more »»

If you don't have a heart for customer service—don't work in that field

January 8, 2016 As an avid shopper, I constantly evaluate those who work in the customer service industry. I have recently begun a part time job in retail as well, so I see customer service from both sides. more »»



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